Who am I?

Sysadmin, aspiring to be DevOps, frontend & backend web developer.

I'm a curious person, always willing to learn something new, if I need to or just for fun.

I started using computers so long ago (Windows 3.1!). Fascinated by what did that machine, I decided to use them and understand how they work, what I can do with them… I met Linux, OS X, and more, and I didn't stop learning!

What they say about me

Carlos is the ideal DevOps either for starting projects or updating existing ones. – David Pérez (@davtun)

Carlos' guidance helped me improve my career – Fernando Marín

Degrees and experience

I'm a Sysadmin titulated from IES Ingeniero de la Cierva. Currently studying CS degree at Universidad de Murcia.


Software developer @ Capgemini - 2021   current

Business Intelligence, troubleshooting.

Professional formation's job training @ Grupo SYS4NET, S.L. - 2017

Website Machine orchestration with Ansible, VPS creation and management, bare machine setup (CentOS 7). Docker, cloud computing, system optimization, troubleshooting.



Operating systems, development, etc…


Windows, macOS, Linux (Debian, RHEL), Android, iOS

Virtualization, Cloud…

Docker, vmware, KVM/QEMU, OpenStack, Azure


React + Next.js, Node.js + Express.js / Koa


Laravel, Symfony


Swing, Spring



Soft, stylesheets

HTTP REST API, algorithms, data structures, MVC


TailwindCSS, Tachyons, Bootstrap, Theme UI