New era: using Hugo as my page engine

Oh no, Carlos did it again…

The thing is that I would like to blog more and make it simpler to use it. The previous version (source still available at GitHub).

Reasons? Let's see:

Less is more!

I don't need a WOW-design for my website. Also, I was looking for a simpler website template engine. That's Hugo, and the Cactus theme suits perfectly my needs.

Org-mode + Emacs!   NICE

I tried Emacs and now I'm in love with it! As soon as I discovered Hugo supports Org-mode by default I decided I should make it my website's default engine.

Because it's free!   DOLLARZ

Let's be honest, I won't pay a cent for a PHP-powered server in order to run WordPress. I don't like it and it's even simpler for me to use Hugo since I do own a pipeline that fits perfectly on the free Netlify tier.

So that's it, I like this better than anything else. Perhaps I'll design the next websites with Hugo, it's great!