Carlos Cañellas

Sysadmin, web developer, studying CS @ FIUM

Carlos's DEV Profile

Who am I?

I am a Spanish computer guy.

Born in Barcelona, I've been living in Murcia the most part of my life. And I liked computers since I first saw one (I remember that Windows 3.1 huge computer).

What would I do?

The web part...

I mainly develop websites, webapps, as I'm becoming fullstack. My tools are Laravel and React.

...and the systems one

I am also a sysadmin. My experience in Linux is +10 years. No mystery to me, I could manage to use whatever distribution you use, even BSDs or macOS.

What could you offer to me?

I can do websites and webapps both backend and frontend and manage existing ones. I also could manage servers and things like AD and complex systems.

Does it mean you could manage my WordPress Blog or WooCommerce?

I have worked with some WooCommerce so basically yes. Let's get in touch.

Could you develop my website?

Mostly yes. Don't think I could make you Amazon. But if it's not that big, yes. Contact me for more information.

What have you done?

Look my recent works.

How could I contact you?

Telegram, Twitter, email... I won't provide my number in this website.

¿Por qué has escrito esta página en inglés?

Es para proyectarme internacionalmente. Mi CV lo puedes tener en español o inglés.